Sniffing others @ TEST LAB Smell This!

Check how to extract human body scent and Sniff out others Sniffing Others, Test Lab Smell This! V2 Institute for the Unstable Media,Rotterdam 15th March 2012, 8pm  The project explores smell augmentation where olfactory...» more


Insects au gratin at EDIBLE

Insect au gratin at EDIBLE, Science Gallery Dublin 10 Feb - 6 April 2012 Could eating insects be a potential solution to some of the world's food problems? The project looks for new ways of consuming insects and debates the...» more


Bio Design by Paola Antonelli

" The work of bio-designers generates uncanny visions that can confront our deepest beliefs " Paola Antonelli  States of Design 07: Bio-design Domus Magazine November 2011 " Susana Soares graduated...» more


Designer people: is technology making us less human?

Battle of ideas 2011 - London, Royal College of Art, Sunday 30 October 12.30pm, 2011 Should we use technology to surpass nature?What do we do with this technological knowledge, and how is it transforming what it means to be...» more


Beijing International Design Triennial

"Bee's" and "Vegetarian tooth" will be exhibited at the Beijing International Design Triennial in the National Museum of China as part of "What if ...." exhibition, curated by Dunne&Raby. 28...» more


Am I attractive? at WORK gallery

Are you one of those people that always gets bitten by a mosquito while others next to you seem to be unaffected?
 Come and find out why some people are more attractive than others... to mosquitoes that is. AM I...» more


Am I attractive? on BBC world

AM I ATTRACTIVE? object was filmed for BBC world - The health show, this Saturday 6th August 2011 at 10:10 at 20:10 GMT. Dr. James Logan was interviewed by The health show and AM I ATTRACTIVE? was used to demonstrate part of...» more

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