What if bristly nails scrape DNA information from others when shaking hands, Genetic Trace.

Whiskers grown in eyebrows will increase the signals we pick up from surroundings, Genetic Trace.

“People literally sniff out their partner”, New Scientist May 2006, Sniffing others.

Smell augmentation would be acquired through the use of nose accessories that would stimulate our olfactory system, Sniffing others.

New organs of perception


Designer: Susana Soares

What if we could redesign human nature to increase our perceptive abilities?

1000 years from now, people will be much more beautiful, intelligent, symmetrical, healthy and emotionally stable, thanks to 40 generations of genetic screening” Kate Douglas, Biologist, » New Scientist, 11 March 2006.

New advances in areas such as genetics, biotechnology and nanotechnology are changing our very nature, making us less dependent on natural selection and more on new technologies. Genetic screening technologies are enabling parents to design their babies and weed out undesirable diseases. Since the acknowledgment of neuroplasticity, many studies have shown that the Internet is profoundly altering our brains, and Craig Venter’s team creation of synthetic life represents a landmark for manmade organisms.

Perhaps in the future, as a consequence of genetic technologies, people will be equipped with NEW ORGANS OF PERCEPTION to increase and augment existing perceptions, and add new ones.


In this context two projects where generated:

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