Pathogen Hunter tool, prototype SLA

Self monitoring device, prototype SLA

Pathogen Hunter tool, prototype SLA

Skin probing tool, prototype SLA

IMPACT! Exhibition, Royal College of Art, London – 2010

Pathogen Hunter

Designers: Susana Soares & Mikael Metthey

Ever since their discovery, bacteria have held scientific and creative minds in their thrall. Neither is the public at large immune to these microscopic, yet paradoxically high profile, life forms. But has the threat they pose to human health been overblown? The disconcerting truth is that, even in the developed world, bacterial infection remains a major cause of illness and mortality. And with some strains showing increased resistance to antibiotics, the need to rapidly pinpoint harmful bacteria has never been greater.

PATHOGEN HUNTER was developed under » IMPACT! in collaboration with » Apta MEMS ID research team based at Newcastle University. It explores hypothetic views on future disease monitoring technologies. Within the proposal, surveillance personnel - Pathogen Hunters ­ - would be specially trained with specific tools to manage infectious outbreaks.


PATHOGEN HUNTER is presented through three distinct media:

» Speculative trailer
» Pathogen hunter apparatus
» 21st century health etiquette