IIWW Civilian Mask

Face object CGI model

Experiments performed to understand the insects behaviour towards the objects at Roots & Shoots, London UK

Filming at Rotahmsed Lab installations, courtesy of Inscentinel

Bee cage, project development

Bee´s / Project Development

The project had the collaboration of Mr. David Perkins from London Beekeeper Association and a series of experiments were taken at » Roots & Shoots.

» Inscentinel UK, a biotechnology company specialised in harnessing the olfactory ability of bees for trace vapour detection, contributed with insights and expertise.

Objects development

01 & 02 Hand made blowing glass production by Master Mateus at CRISFORM, Portugal
03 Borosilicate glass production at Vilabo, Portugal
04 Diagnostic tool 2, model development


CRISFORM, Portugal: Master Mateus and Designer Sónia Durães
Vilabo, Portugal: Mr. João Gomes