Initial concept

Prototype development: scale model hips and paper

Scale model PGET and acrylic

Scale model with fan and potentiometer, clear acrylic, petg and white mesh

Insect load mechanism

Air flow development

Am I attractive? / Project Development

Could design be utilised to open up a new space of communication which crosses the increasingly blurred boundaries between “the expert” and “the public”?

The research has extraordinary elements of human / insect interaction, and collection of volatile semiochemicals from human beings. The project was developed through PESTIVAL, representing an opportunity to work towards the public engagement arena. The proposal had to be relevant for the researchers and challenge public perception on malaria research.

The initial concept compared the level of attractiveness of 2 individuals by creating a live competition. People place their hands inside specific cones that come out of the spherical body of the object. These are protected with a double layer mesh to avoid mosquitoes to escape from the sphere and bite individuals. The mosquitoes are given the choice to select the most attractive scent by flying towards one individual.

Concept testing at Rothamsted Research, May 2009

01 Mosquitoes breeding box
02 Introducing mosquitoes in scale model prototype
03 & 04 Checking prototype feasibility and functionality


Rothamsted Research: Dr. James Logan and James Cook
Designer: Andrew Forkes
Electronic Engineer: Chris Merridan